Grow your business the right way

If you are a professional service business owner and want to grow your business, you have many options, many tools and many people telling you there’s a best way to grow (usually theirs).
This can be confusing and expensive– we make it simple.
Here’s a simple process you can try out straight away:

Choose how you want to grow (your strategy)
Choose what tools you want to use
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Looking For More Leads On Autopilot?

Let’s find the right answer for your business, so you don’t waste time with trial and error.

What We Do

We show you how to use smart marketing, sales and service strategies
and set up the right systems for you to grow your business.

We help you to automate your lead generation process and
specialize in affordable business growth services for small to medium businesses
in the professional service industries.


We set up your business for successful marketing and sales - from your brand, to your service package, creating a high impact, high sales conversion business model.



We put in place a recruitment and team building program, so you can grow your capacity to deliver your services, at the same rate as your sales growth.


Why Trust Us

Maybe you haven’t heard of us – we’ve been busy working and helping people
like you build their business. But you’ve most likely heard of  these people.

We’ve worked with Mark Bouris, James Packer and Maggie Beer
to develop their businesses and brands. We’ve also put together
marketing and coaching programs for the RAAF,
negotiated national strategies with the European Union government.
We’ve also helped small business owners create and build strong
brands in Europe, China, New Zealand and Australia.

Above all we love working with motivated small business owners
and we bring global expertise and experience to
small and medium companies in Australia.

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5 Easy Ways To Convert More Leads
Into Customers On Your Website

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  • Why sending visitors to your home page is a mistake when you advertise
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Because success is defined by how
you create, communicate, and
deliver value to your clients.
That will define how big a success you are
and how easy it will be to grow your business.

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  • Deni & Peter developed 59 leads from a small advertising budget in a few days, where we had previously spent thousands on radio advertisements and did not get one single lead. The campaigns we did were great to lift our company profile and position us in the best possible way in the marketplace and the leads are still coming in from our last campaign.

    Allan Mason
    Allan Mason
    Managing Director | Encore Accounting
  • Denitza’s insight and input is invaluable. It’s a privilege to work with such a dedicated consultant who is passionate for achieving real results for my business. In the month after her coaching with my team we enjoyed 24% increase in sales. She has a knack for coming up with unique ideas and takes a very ‘hands-on’ approach, keeping me on track and leading by example.

    Holly Hicks
    Holly Hicks
    Managing Director - BH International
  • Since working with Sparcus Group our sales enquiries jumped up by 43%. Our campaigns have had a great success in Google and Facebook and we are selling more as a result. Peter & Denitza have been great to work with.

    Keith Ludwick
    Keith Ludwick
    General Manager - ThoroughClean

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