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“Since moving to Australia in 2002 I’ve worked with all types of businesses and organisations – start-ups and established businesses, private as well as community organisations.

Although different in nature and business type, their founders and leaders all share similar aspirations – they all want to do better: make more money or make a bigger difference, become better and have better time doing it.

I’ve helped big companies improve their bottom line though their management and marketing systems – helped Bridgestone’s store managers avoid the downward spiral of price matching and discounting, by using a client-focused sales and service model for easier, more profitable sales. I’ve worked with Golder Associates to improve their team management skills and manage more efficiently their internal projects.

I’ve helped smaller companies such as Adelaide Radiotherapy centres (now part of Genesis Health) improve their clients’ service and management skills, BHI – sell more service packages, by better matching them with the personality and needs of their clients.

What this varied experience has taught me, is to simplify complex business and marketing strategies into step-by-step action plans, so business owners of all company types and backgrounds can make sensible business decisions and take quick actions, rather than double up on activities or invest in fads.

I also have passion for coaching and educating young people who want to learn how to set up and run a small business – I’ve coached kids from 6th grade to postgraduate students how to create a sound business, but also to enjoy all aspects of managing a successful business.

Our company does offer a wide range business knowledge and experience, which can be as narrow as marketing and sales and as wide as a full business development and growth service for your business. We offer you the opportunity to tap into full business development, including strategies, partner alliance and new product development.

It’s your business, your needs and your aspirations.

My role here at Sparcus Group is to help you find the best clients for your business who match what you love doing and what your company is best equipped to deliver.

I also help you design a smart marketing, sales and service model as a highly targeted, organised and profitable system to drive the most value and money to your business.

Personally, I like keeping fit, so outside of work you will find me playing tennis, in the gym, or on the track and field throwing discus and shot put with my daughter. These last two activities are mainly for her benefit, but all parents can relate to this – we learn to enjoy the journey if it is for a worthwhile cause.

Denitza Genova

Denitza Genova


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