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Denitza Genova

Denitza Genova: Partner - Strategy, Marketing & Service / Bachelor in Marketing and Management, MBA, certified business consultant and trainer/ I help service businesses clarify their business & marketing strategy and simplify and organise their marketing, sales and service activities into an efficient and profitable system. It drives the most value and money to your business and prevents you from investing in marketing fads or in unprofitable products or markets. To see how this could work in your business book a call with Denitza here.

Building Blocks

Doubt is not your enemy

Personal and business improvement gurus and programs focus on getting us to work on our fears, banish our doubts, “fake it till you make it” and so on. But how effective...

September 12, 2017
todd cohen

The $1,000,000 question

I recently came across the story of Todd Cohen’s phenomenal rise to success from a humble sales consultant to a million dollar a year speaker, expert on sales culture. This...

July 06, 2017
short cuts

Shortcuts only at the Butchers

Short-cuts, life-hacks and fast-track signs are flashing their tempting lights at every turn on our path to success. You must have seen them a lot. And may be you have...

February 15, 2017