Doubt is not your enemy


Personal and business improvement gurus and programs focus on getting us to work on our fears, banish our doubts, “fake it till you make it” and so on.

But how effective is this and is it where we should be putting our energy (and money)?

If you are a tennis fan or at least have caught a glimpse of this year’s Australian Open you would have noticed not just the age defying performances of some of the all time tennis greats but also their winner attitude and beliefs.

This is what Rafael Nadal had to say to Jim Courier after another match win he added to the the 800+ he’s championed in his long and successful carreer:

I think I am not a very arrogant person so I always have doubts.
Even when I was winning I had doubts and even more so when I had injuries.
But doubts make you work harder!

It appears that it makes more sense not only to accept our doubts, fears, restlessness but to use them as our allies to push us harder and further on our path to success.

It does make more sense to focus on practicing our craft, building our business, trying new things and learning new skills than oto focus all this creative energy on trying to chase away an “enemy”, which could turn out to be our best ally.

What do you think/feel? What is your experience, put your comments below.

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