How to make your Google Ads work even better

If you advertise on Google ads, your investment is about driving traffic to your website.

But it should it also be about getting results?

The problem with that is that most smaller advertisers drive traffic to their home page on their website.

Is that bad?

The answer is yes and no.

Why shouldn’t you drive traffic to your homepage?

In most cases, your home page is not set up to capture leads for a specific purpose.

It usually does not address a specific pain point your potential client may have.

And, home pages are more general in content, usually telling your customers more general information about your business.

Ok, So what do you do to make your Google ads work better?


Take this for example.  Recently I was checking some Google ads for an accountant.  I noticed one advertisement for an accountancy practice and it was kind of generic in what it was saying to prospective customers.

The problem with Google TEXT advertisements, is they have a limited amount of space/characters for information you can include.

The text for this limited available space was, “ You will be surprised how a good accountant can help you. Call for a free chat.”

Unfortunately, this does not tell me what sort of work this accountant does. 

How is this accountant qualifying himself as GOOD? This advertisement doesn’t tell me anything.

It does NOT tell me how experienced this accountant is.
It does NOT tell me what area of business this accountant is “good” at, or how that is going to help me.
It does NOT tell me how it is going to be “good” for me.

targeted advertising

What is the decision-making process of your buyer?

Most people that look at purchasing professional services and they want to make sure they can trust the company or individual that they are buying through… Right?

So why not advertise what it is you are good at.

Or what about the qualifications or expertise in areas that are important to whoever is reading the advertisement.

If you can answer a question or give a solution the reader may have about a specific problem, in the copy of the advertisement, you may have a chance to get the person to click your ad.

But clicking the ad is just the first step.

What is an example of a GOOD ad?  

I saw this in one advertisement for concrete services…

Headline – Concrete Driveways – Quality Concrete Contractors in Brisbane
Body Copy – Call now for a free quote! Written Warranty, Fully Insured & Licensed, 25 Years Experience

Can you see the difference?

One specifically tells his qualifications and experience, which would obviously be a concern to a consumer and the other one tells me…. Well not enough information….  And I think you can guess where I am going with this.

“Surprised at how a good accountant can help”…. Is not what I am looking for.

Trust is built from the beginning.

I guess what I am trying to say, is you need to build trust.

That trust is built in the concreter’s advertisement right up front, with qualifications, experience and the one thing that will comfort most consumers… the warranty.

I don’t know about you, but I think an accountant is a profession where I want to deal with someone with experience, knowledge in a specific area and the qualifications to help me out.

A warranty is not going to be something an accountant can supply, however the information about experience or qualifications are really important to a business owner or PAYG employee.

So how can you make your Google ads even better?

Recently, we had one of our law firm clients paying for text based ads the same way.

He was paying an outrageous amount of money for limited text advertisements, again not advertising in a way that would help the consumer to make up their mind really easily.

In his case, his advertisements were directed to his home page on his website, which did not have a clear strategy in mind for the prospective customer.

What we did to make the results even better.

We changed his ads to DISPLAY ads… Why?

There are two reasons.

Reason 1. You can say a lot more in a display advertisement.

Pictures say a thousand words. There is a lot more space to include a lot more information.

Reason 2. It’s heaps cheaper to advertise. A text advertisement for our client was costing him $23.47 per click….

That’s right, every click on his ad was $23.47 without any guarantee he would pick up new customers.

His new display advertisements costs him 0.98c per click on average.

Reason 3. You can choose how to place your display advertisement, by key word or by placement.

(There are other placement options also) Placement is more targeted as I can place a lawyers advertisement onto a real estate site, to attract customers looking for conveyancing for example.

google ads

Now clicks to his ads are:

  1. Far more cost efficient
  2. Far more targeted to users looking for the type of service he is providing
  3. Have a far better conversion ratio, because he can say more in his advertisements
  4. Have no quality score issues with Google, which lowers his overall cost
  5. Provide better branding as he can include a logo in the advertisement

Is this a better way?

The bottom line is dependent on your strategy.

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your website, where if they land on your home page then they are free to look at the content you have available.

This is more of a branding exercise….

Or, are you trying to get results out of your advertisements, where you drive potential customers to a landing page that has a specific answer to a problem and then take the customer from there to an opt-in page, or a call to action that is measurable.

Here’s something you will really like!

If you want to know more about how to get your Google ads on track, make a time to talk over your strategy with us and let us help you to design your business marketing, to attract and engage your best customers, so you can multiply your profits.

Presented by Peter Levick, Co-Founder. Peter works with professional service businesses to build their sales and service system and automate it so business owners can focus their attention on running and growing their business. To see how this could be applied to your business book a call with Peter here.

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