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If you’re looking for a less time consuming and less labour-intensive way to get new clients (in addition to or instead of face-to-face presentations, networking and tele-marketing) using digital media and online marketing is the way to go.

Results can be accurately measured and campaigns set up and put in place quickly. If you need to make changes to advertising campaigns, through digital media, ads can be changed within minutes.

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The Tools

Google Advertising

Advertising online is a strategic choice and you need to set up your advertising correctly before you do anything, as it can cost more than other online alternatives.
There are different ways you can advertise through Google Adwords and display advertising.

Whilst the set-up and management of campaigns in Google is quite technical, we give you the reporting tools which make the process transparent and easy to track and make decisions.

We also make sure you can attract the people interested in your services, at all stages of their buying cycle - those who are just ``interested`` in your services and those who are ready to ``buy`` your services now.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media, when used correctly, is a smart solution for attracting quality leads to your business, educating and engaging them with your offers and ultimately converting them into profitable customers.

Like all forms of advertising it needs an organised approach to make sure it works. This includes selecting your Target Audience, creating high-impact Advertisements and Engagement tools (surveys, downloads, stories, videos), monitoring and adjusting the campaigns to make sure that your ROI is maximised.

There is a difference between paying 20c per click and paying $2 per click (according to Facebook, on average only 20% of the million advertisers on Facebook are able to optimise their pay-per-click. The other 80% are wasting some or a lot of their money).

We make sure your business is in the top 20%.

Sales Pages and Sales Funnels

Whilst advertising on Google and social media brings interested visitors to your door, your sales pages and sales funnels will get your ideal customers through the door.

You need a great sales copy, intuitive sales page design, a reliable CRM system, Shopping Cart Integration, and a “Lead Magnet” Tool (incentive for the potential client to take action).

We help put all these together in a seamless sales process/funnel.

Advertising Management

Even with one form of advertising only (Google or Facebook) you need to make sure that the whole process works well for you – delivers the best leads at the lowest comparative cost (comparative to the value of your clients and the competition in your industry).

In order to ensure this result, we put in place a management and reporting systems, tailored to your needs.

We provide the support and guidance you require, to have confidence in the process and the results, without the overwhelm of technical data.


The Results

Generating sales is the end of your marketing process and the beginning of your customer service process. As such, it is operationally and strategically important. It affects your current cash flow and determines your future profitability.

Having your advertising and leads management work right will ensure you have control over how quickly you want to grow.

You will be able to turn the “new clients” tap on and off on demand.

As a service business, there may be times when you reach capacity of delivery and don’t have enough people to deliver the service you sell. If that has happened to you before and you haven’t had confidence in your client generation system, you have the opportunity to change this now.

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WhatClients Say

  • In one month we had over 150 phone calls resulting in 16 settlements and we have only been going for 3 months. Our email rates are consistently high, much better than previous results and the enquiry just keeps coming in.

    Cameron McKenzie
    Cameron McKenzie
    Partner | LPM Lawyers
  • What drew me to your business was the promise of a robust business development program, which would deliver visible outcomes in my company. This is a promise that you well and truly delivered! Also as a result of your program our team was able to achieve the next level of industry accreditation.

    Shaun Barclay
    Shaun Barclay
    General Manager |Cadillac Printing

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