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Building and growing a team is an ongoing process, which can be challenging but with the right preparation, it can become a semi-automated process, similarly to client recruitment.

There are 3 stages to the process, each with its own tools:

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team building

The Tools

Prepare your team for growth

Building a team from scratch, or adding to your existing team is not as hard or expensive as you may think.

We can equip you with the right tools to get you ready, not just for your current and future recruitment campaigns, but also for successful management of the people who join your team.

We will help you prepare a Work/Job, Person, Performance and Benefits Maps, which will make sure you select the ideal person to join your team and deliver the right level of service for your clients.

All these tools are created once and then only modified when your business changes.
They are a great investment in the growth of your business and serve a multi-purpose as well, (for recruitment as well as performance management).

Advertising campaign/ Recruit Team

High calibre people, like high-calibre clients, are attracted in a smarter, not more expensive way.

Small business owners don’t always have the time and money to invest in head-hunting, or paying premium price for the right person in a way that big companies can. Neither can they offer the same perks and work benefits.

Having a more long-term and strategic approach to growing your team, will allow you to turn a ready tap of candidates on and off when you need them.

For that purpose we help you set-up an “evergreen” recruitment process:
Profile your ideal candidate;
Create appealing advertisement,
Create recruitment funnel/pathway,
Select advertising media and placements based on your ideal person profile,
Run the campaign and help you manage it (we do not recruit and select on your behalf).

Select team members

Getting the right team member for a small, professional service business is very important and needs to tick in a lot of boxes.
The new person needs to be:
highly qualified;
fit in well with the team;
fit in well with the owner;
fit in well with the clients;
be adaptable as well as well organised +++

And the margin for error is minimal, as errors cannot be easily absorbed by a small team.

So the stakes are high. We help you minimise your risk and increase your success rate of getting the right person for your team.

We help you structure your interviews so you can stay focused, avoid positive or negative bias, be able to test the person for soft skills as well as for competence; also to manage well tricky situations and questions.

The Results

Having the right staff recruitment and selection system allows your business to grow in a steady and controlled way.

You can service more clients so that you can step out of the hands-on role and hand over to reliable team member without compromising your quality of service.

Having 2 taps, one for clients and one for people, pouring into your business gives you more decision choices and exciting opportunities, in business as well as personal.

team building

WhatClients Say

  • Congratulations Denitza and Peter. First impressions are very important, and I admit I was more than a little nervous when I clicked on my link for the first time. And I was…WOW – I love it – I got this fantastic feel, it has great impact I can see the vision with the brand and how I should sell my services... I LOVE IT. Thanks heaps.

    Vincent Noviello
    Vincent Noviello
    Managing Director | First Home Advantage
  • Since working with Sparcus Group our sales enquiries jumped up by 43%. Our campaigns have had a great success in Google and Facebook and we are selling more as a result. Peter & Denitza have been great to work with.

    Keith Ludwick
    Keith Ludwick
    General Manager | ThoroughClean

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