Email Marketing

Email marketing is sending a series of related email messages, designed to educate, market, service and sell specific products and services to your existing clients and also to the new leads from your advertising campaigns.

It is not the same as sending newsletters or one-off emails.

Well-designed email campaigns should nurture your leads until they become clients and should also deliver extra value to your clients, which takes some of the pressure off you or your service staff.

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Email Marketing

The Tools

Responsive Email Design

Your existing clients may be kind to you and pay more attention to your email messages, regardless of how long and interesting the content is, but your leads may not be as generous with their time.

We use a clean, uniform and appealing design, which is more effective in getting people to commit to reading your emails and take action (people are more likely to click on an image of a video, but not necessarily on the word “click” for example.)

Email Copy and Action Incentives

Business owners tend to overestimate the appeal of their services to potential clients, as well as to their existing clients.

Our experience show that even the shortest client feedback surveys get on average 5 to 10% response, which could triple when the surveys are correctly “sold” to the client.

We live in a sales and marketing society and people expect you to do a lot, not just in the way you service them but in the way you present your services (market and sell)

We can help you sell easier new products to your existing clients or leads, get better response rate to feedback surveys (if you want to enter your business for an industry award and win it), or sell the services of a strategic partner (and sell yours to their client database).

Automated Email Marketing

Manually creating and sending emails is not a productive use of your time and it doesn’t have the behaviour tracking and sales capability of specialised automated marketing systems.

Choosing systems and navigating through their complexities (think Infusionsoft) can be an exhausting exercise.

We use simple email marketing automation systems, which you can learn if you want. Alternatively, we set up your email campaigns in advance so all messages go at the time and format you want them to so that they get the maximum impact and action.

Email Marketing Certified

The Results

Selling high-value services online is not as easy and fast as selling low ticket items.

The online marketing and sales space does improve the speed of decision-making due to the real-time analytics and ability to track performance.

However, you still need to capture the attention, interest, desire and action (AIDA) of your ideal customers the same way you do offline. In some ways, it’s harder, because they can’t see you.

So, what you put in front of the potential client and how you present it, is essential for creating TRUST and ultimately sales.

Businesses with higher value products and services, build trust with a gradual process of gathering information about their potential clients, segmenting them and then delivering high quality educational and sales content to them.

We achieve this for our clients through well-crafted email campaigns.

The difference between investing in the process of nurturing a lead into a client and not doing anything, is a loss or win, of a significant amount of money.

Even for transactional businesses, such as family law firms, this can be as little as $25,000 and as much as $300,000.

Don’t leave money on the table – let us help you nurture your leads and turn them into clients.

Real Results

WhatClients Say

  • I just had a new client contact requesting a call from the website. The client was in Strathpine so looking at the recordings on our website I was able to watch her interaction with the website. It also helped that the recording shows her filling in her name and details. So once I called her I knew that her real issue was the definition of a separation, this was a really easy conversion .

    Brendan Hanks
    Brendan Hanks
    Practice Manager | Kate Austin Law
  • In one month we had over 150 phone calls resulting in 16 settlements and we have only been going for 3 months. Our email rates are consistently high, much better than previous results and the enquiry just keeps coming in.

    Cameron McKenzie
    Cameron McKenzie
    Partner | LPM Lawyers

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