Marketing Foundations

If you are a start-up business, want to change or add new services or just want to get more and better clients, you will need to have the right set-up and foundation before you start building the next part of your business.

The tools you will need for your business and marketing foundation are explained in details below and they include:

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The Tools

Your Brand Story

Your brand story is your business explained to your potential clients in a way they can see immediately what problems you can solve for them; it also needs to build rapport so they don’t feel you’re just pushing your services and products on them.

We use different approaches to tell your story – in a video, presentation or a “letter” format. There is no universal format which will suit every business.

There is a framework we use, which follows the best sales process for your business, but it is expressed in a unique format, which is genuine and authentic for you.

Your Service Process

Your service process description you use to educate your would-be clients needs to be different to the service process description you use internally to manage your business.

In other words, whilst you may have 20 different services and 100 different procedures, your potential client needs to see what you do in a user-friendly 3 to 5 step process.

We help break down your service process and then put it together again in a client-centric way, so that interested clients don’t get lost in the labyrinth of jargon and technical procedures but instead get drawn to the benefits of what you do for them.

Your Unique Offer

Your unique offer is a summary of what clients are buying from you and why they should choose you.

This is also known as your “value proposition” or “unique selling points”.

Many owners of service businesses struggle to identify exactly why clients use their services and how to articulate in a way which stands out and is unique.

We help you pinpoint and spotlight those unique parts of what you do and who you are, which will allow you to attract clients, even if you are selling your services in direct competition (next to a competitor’s google ad or sitting next to a similar service business at an expo for example).

Your Team Profile

In a service business, the “about us” page is the second most visited page on their website. It is not “our services” as many people may believe.

So you need to present your team in the best possible way to create both trust and appeal at the same time. Doing this through the standard listing of academic achievements, with a few hobbies for flair at the end, is not the way to create trust.

People don’t really care who you are per say, they care about what you can do for them and have the confidence that you can take care of them.

How do you do this? We can show you the way.

Your Website

Your website is designed to turn visitors into clients your website is your “storefront”, selling for you when you’re not there.

We focus both on function and usability so that your visitors can easily and intuitively find the solution they are looking for, not just read information about who you are, which results in a pleasant experience for them and higher likelihood of engagement (call, sale, product download).

Your website is also the visual representation of all 5 foundation tools above, so don’t expect a website developer to be able to position your business to successfully sell your services.

The Results

Your business and marketing foundation is essentially your business packaged to sell, whether you are there or not.

Many business owners overlook these foundations and may choose to just copy what other companies in their field are doing.

Getting a web designer and giving them the competitors’ site to use as an example, is like telling your potential client to go check the next door store, because you essentially offer the same things, just your service is better and you have better pictures in your store.

It’s hard to sell your offer and attract the right type of clients this way.

You need to build your foundations first.


results that count

WhatClients Say

  • I just had a new client contact requesting a call from the website. The client was in Strathpine so looking at the recordings on our website I was able to watch her interaction with the website. It also helped that the recording shows her filling in her name and details. So once I called her I knew that her real issue was the definition of a separation, this was a really easy conversion .

    Brendan Hanks
    Brendan Hanks
    Practice Manager | Kate Austin Law
  • In one month we had over 150 phone calls resulting in 16 settlements and we have only been going for 3 months. Our email rates are consistently high, much better than previous results and the enquiry just keeps coming in.

    Cameron McKenzie
    Cameron McKenzie
    Partner | LPM Lawyers

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