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Your website is your “storefront” online, not a business card or an electronic brochure.

Its purpose is to create a meaningful and pleasant experience for your visitors and do the selling for you when you’re not there.

Each website design has these 3 key elements: Business & Marketing Design, Sales and Technical Design, Visual Design.

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The Tools

Business and Marketing Design

This is the representation of the value your business provides in your market place – it’s a summary of the problems you solve, the benefits your services create for your clients, your unique offers, your client success stories.

Since every business has a unique brand (a combination of unique set of skills, capabilities and personality), no two website designs can look the same.

We design your website to represent effectively and sell successfully, your unique positioning in your marketplace

Sales and Technical Design

There’s a lot that gets built under the surface of what you and your site visitors see –
and it depends on the type of site content management system, just how complex the site system will be.

We design the site with the user experience in mind, which is the most important part. Your visitors will interact with a range of action buttons, lead capturing forms, and other functions. We include performance tracking codes, and a range of other programs that run different components and they need to be updated regularly.

We also create the website with the search engines in mind so you can be found when your customers search for your business.

Visual Design

The visual design is what most people will picture in their mind when they think of web design.

Whilst this is mostly an aesthetic and therefore subjective design element it needs to match closely your brand image as well as you ideal target audience. It’s no coincidence why brands choose specific images of people who reflect their target market.

We create a visual reflection of your company’s values as well as your client’s values and preferences, not blindly following what’s may be trendy but unsuitable.

The Results

In order to get the right results with your website, there has to be a blend of the Business and Marketing Design, combined with the right technical elements that create the right user experience, to keep your customers engaged and informed correctly about your business.

If the site looks and feels visually appealing and has the right conversion elements it will create the right sales lead opportunities.

The ability to test and measure the interaction on your website, with a range of tools, designed to see how your potential clients react to different elements on your website, provides information that can be used to increase the results.

website design

Some of Our Work

WhatClients Say

  • I just had a new client contact requesting a call from the website. The client was in Strathpine so looking at the recordings on our website I was able to watch her interaction with the website. It also helped that the recording shows her filling in her name and details. So once I called her I knew that her real issue was the definition of a separation, this was a really easy conversion .

    Brendan Hanks
    Brendan Hanks
    Practice Manager | Kate Austin Law
  • In one month we had over 150 phone calls resulting in 16 settlements and we have only been going for 3 months. Our email rates are consistently high, much better than previous results and the enquiry just keeps coming in.

    Cameron McKenzie
    Cameron McKenzie
    Partner | LPM Lawyers

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