Shortcuts only at the Butchers

short cuts

Short-cuts, life-hacks and fast-track signs are flashing their tempting lights at every turn on our path to success.

You must have seen them a lot.

And may be you have been tempted to follow the sign only to realise that the promised shorter path had actually turned into a frustrating labyrinth or a dead-end road.

Of course, many of those shortcut signs are designed and erected with good intentions: to show you the way, but not exactly to take you there.

You still have to do the work.

You still have to be consistent at doing the work.

Only if you want great results of course.

My daughter wants to be a rock-star but doesn’t want to practice singing.

People want to have a loving relationship but don’t want to invest in it.

My friend wants to lose weight but doesn’t want to exercise.

Business owners want to make money while they sleep but don’t want to market their business.

We all hope there will be a fast-track sign, coming just around the corner.

And it may be there but it may not be the right choice for you if you are aiming for great results, for a big impact and a big finish.

Just look at Tim Ferris, the master of life-hacking.

He should be working 4 hours a week, but he isn’t.

He achieves huge results because he is meticulous and thorough, and works a lot, not a little.

If you are looking for real answers to what makes successful people and businesses successful check out the works of Seth Godin – The Dip or of Jeff Olson – The Slight Edge or even of Richard Williams, the man behind the Williams sisters tennis phenomenon (it is eye-opening even for the biggest of sceptics out there).

Richard wrote “Black and White” in which he described how Venus and Serena achieved one of the biggest successes in sporting history.

They share a total of 30 grand slam titles and are still winning big matches at the age of 36 and 35 respectively. And his story is not about  success in tennis – his story is about success in life. There were no shortcuts in the 78-page plan he wrote and followed to get his daughters to where they are now.

Yes, shortcuts are appealing because they promise a relief from our daily struggles and hard work to build a successful life, career or business.

So this isn’t really about the shortcuts and getting somewhere faster. It is about making the journey lighter, with more joy and less effort.

If you have more joy and less effort in what you do, then you don’t need shortcuts.

You need leverage – leverage in your business, and in your life.

If you are running a service-based business and are looking for something better than a shortcut to grow it, talk to us today.

We’ll talk about leverage both in your marketing and  your business.

Someone shared a joke with me recently, and I just added to it.

It does summarise nicely what I wanted to share with you today. Here it is:

“If you want Shortcuts, go to the Butcher’s,
If you want Results, do the Work!”

Let us help you with your work and take away the pain of your effort and increase the joy of your success.

Denitza Genova: Partner - Strategy, Marketing & Service / Bachelor in Marketing and Management, MBA, certified business consultant and trainer/ I help service businesses clarify their business & marketing strategy and simplify and organise their marketing, sales and service activities into an efficient and profitable system. It drives the most value and money to your business and prevents you from investing in marketing fads or in unprofitable products or markets. To see how this could work in your business book a call with Denitza here.

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