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Regardless of how fast or slow you want to build your business, it is important to have a well- managed growth process.  This allows you full control of the results, without having to be involved in the minute details and execution of the many marketing, advertising, branding and technical tasks of the process.

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WhatClients Say

  • In one month we had over 150 phone calls resulting in 16 settlements and we have only been going for 3 months. Our email rates are consistently high, much better than previous results and the enquiry just keeps coming in.

    Cameron McKenzie
    Cameron McKenzie
    Partner | LPM Lawyers
  • I'm jumping out of my skin, it's been so effective. The quality of leads just keeps getting better and they just keep coming through every day. I have to scale back the volume of leads, just so I can handle them professionally without rushing, just because there are so many.

    Vincent Noviello
    Vincent Noviello
    Managing Director First Home Advantage
  • I just had a new client contact requesting a call from the website. The client was in Strathpine so looking at the recordings on our website I was able to watch her interaction with the website. It also helped that the recording shows her filling in her name and details. So once I called her I knew that her real issue was the definition of a separation, this was a really easy conversion .

    Brendan Hanks
    Brendan Hanks
    Practice Manager | Kate Austin Law